9781911303039On Thursday, Pillar International Publishing will be in the beautiful isle of Man to launch Angela Robert’s ‘The Fear of Flying Club’. The bitter irony is that I hate flying. The double-bitter, lemon-tinged irony is that the flight from Dublin to the Isle of Man is via one of those WWII twin-prop affairs that seem to behave more like kites than planes.

Listen here for an excerpt from the book and think of me…

‘The Fear of Flying Club’, about four people overcoming more than their fear of flying, will make you laugh and you will shed the odd tear too.

It’s available from the 29th of September on Amazon and in all good bookshops.

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Puzzling new releases

Full Cover Kids Quiz and PuzzleA new volume had just been added to our series of quiz and puzzle books for kids!

The Clever Kid’s Quiz and Puzzle book has been road-tested on car journeys with rambunctious children and has proven to be a hoot. Now available to buy on Amazon and very soon to be available at all the best book shops in your city/town/village/hamlet.

Packed with Quizzes, Crosswords, Wordsearches, Anagrams and a new game called ‘Detective’ it will provide hours of fun for your curious critters.

Click on the image or here to find out more.

We are also working on the next volume of ‘The Ready-Made Kids Quiz’, which should be out in time for Christmas.



In an new series for Pillar, two crossword books have been unleashed into the world.



Crossword Heaven 1The first is ‘Crossword Heaven: 101 Cryptic, Simple and Quizword Puzzles’

This is a substantial volume with slightly over a hundred crossword puzzles that will baffle, challenge, frustrate and delight, in equal measure.

Click on the image or here to find out more







Cryptic Crossword Heaven 1The second is ‘Cryptic Crossword Heaven: 50 New Cryptic Crosswords’

The author has continued on his series of cryptic crosswords from those in ‘Crossword Heaven’. The clues are influenced by Crosaire, the legendary Irish Times crossword-compiler and are laced with the author’s own devious constructions

Click on the image or here to find out more





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This Mother’s Day …

This Mother's day poster


We all know how difficult it is to find that something special for our loved ones on Mother’s Day. So give up and buy this instead.

Click on the image, already. Or demand it from your local bookshop, already.


The Examiner:

“a handbook for saving the planet”

“you’ll have the price of the book paid back in no time”

“a right good read”


Woman’s Way

“Vintage advice”


The Irish Times Online Book Reviews

“Think life was easier in 1945? … discover a world of congested scalps, swollen knuckles and furred kettles”


Today with Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1

“Fascinating and Fun”

“I love this woman’s approach”

“I was really impressed…the more I read, the more I enjoyed it.”

“Some of the ideas really did work.”

“She holds her own”

“simple but ingenious”

“entertaining and great fun to try them out”


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Time to panic, Last-Minute-Larry!


Only a few sleeps left until Christmas and you still need those last carefully-selected items to prove to the people in your life you have a human side and that all the fuss in the papers is now firmly behind you. Fortunately, yet again, Pillar International Publishing has come to your rescue.

Homecraft Book, The - Ann Hathaway

Firstly, we have ‘The Homecraft Book’, a domestic guide first published in 1945.

“A great little stocking-filler” – Lorna Sixsmith, author

“Vintage Advice” – Woman’s Way

“A right good read” – The Irish Examiner

“Fascinating and fun…simple but ingenious…entertaining and great fun…” – Today with Sean O’Rourke, RTE Radio 1

Paperback and eBook available in all good bookshops and online here!




Secondly, we have the novel ‘Sour’ by Alan Walsh, a reboot of Irish Mythology, a modernised re-telling of the tale of Deirdre of the Sorrows.

“A distinctive debut” Sue Leonard – The Irish Examiner

“moments of brilliant, dark humour and evokes the sense of the mystic and magic of the old Celtic tales” – Nomoreworkhorse

“new and imaginative Irish fiction” – Izzy Reads

Paperback and eBook available in all good bookshops and online here!




Thirdly and fourthly we have the Ready-Made Quiz Books – two books of trivia and quizzes aimed at kids and families. All of the books are at stocking-filler prices.

Paperback and eBook available in all good bookshops and online here! and here!

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Author spotlight – Alan Walsh

Alan_WalshAlan Walsh is a 38 year old writer from Co. Wicklow, currently living in Dublin with his wife and a recent addition, a little son, Sam. Before this, he’s lived in Italy and London and have tried out numerous careers everywhere. He’s been, teacher, delivery man, commis chef, designer, you name it. Alan’s just written Sour, a book which takes the old story Deirdre of the Sorrows and transplants it into a town in modern Ireland, filled with traditional mythical characters re-purposed as locals. I’m really interested in people updating and re-purposing the old Irish stories into new and inventive works across all media, keeping them alive for current and future audiences and tying them into all the other folklore from around the world, enhancing already strong cultural ties to elsewhere.

Prior to this, he’s had short stories published in The Moth, The Bohemyth, Wordlegs and Outburst magazine, a piece about Irish Mythology in the Irish Times, and a short spell of contributions to Magill Magazine and Film Ireland back in the day too. Alan recently helped out with blogging at the International Literature Festival Dublin and has a reading coming up at the Dublin Book Festival.


He’s currently working on a new novel about the mysterious Comte De Saint Germain, keeping a blog at:  and tweeting regularly at @Alan_Walsh_77

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Sour much?


Buttons have been pressed.

Gears have been ground.

Somewhere in the distance a dog has barked.

Publication day has arrived…

Pillar International Publishing is proud to announce (drumroll) …

The release of two new titles into the wild and two existing titles into bookshops!


10coverSOUR by Alan Walsh

A re-telling of ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’, updated to the modern day, re-imagined with bizarre local characters and set in a fictional Irish countryside.

In a desolate Irish town a local paper boy goes missing. Conall, a beetroot-faced, mule of a man, makes it his business to find the boy. What starts out a small undertaking, unfolds into a journey of strange rural experience, bizarre natural occurrences and warped small-town morality, revealing the shocking tale of a young girl horribly imprisoned and two boys fixed on rescuing her.





Homecraft Book, The - Ann HathawayTHE HOMECRAFT BOOK by Ann Hathaway

First published in 1945, this book is a compendium of advice across a myriad of subjects for the post-war woman, wife and mother. By times hilarious, by times disconcerting but always entertaining, it offers bite-sized ampoules of advice on the subjects of house, health, beauty and dress.









Two books that have been a great hits with kids, parents and schools in the eBook format are now available as paperback in your local bookshop.









All books are available in national and independent bookshops. Books also available on Amazon in eBook and paperback formats.


Click on the book covers to be magically transported to Amazon.



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