What you should be reading … and why!

Of course we here at Pillar are biased. We believe that you should be reading all of our books and perhaps ordering several copies of each in case there is an outbreak of scurvy and you are caught unprepared.

To help you decide which book to buy (all of them) and to help justify the expense to your loved ones and pets, we have prepared a short description of the titles most in demand at chic parties and crematoria gift stores.

Most importantly, each section comes with a link to Amazon, which will expedite this sordid affair.

All of the books are available as eBook or paperback.


single cover plus spine

Last Orders at the Changamire Arms: Humorous Memoirs of a Rhodesian D.C.

By Robin Walker


What’s it about?

Robin was a District Commissioner during the dying days of Smith’s Rhodesia. A master-story-teller, he recounts tales of functionaries and dysfunction in these very unusual times. This book will transport you to a different country, a different time, a different set of sensibilities, all the while making you laugh out loud.

Why should I buy it?

One reviewer on Amazon, who we didn’t pay, described it thus –

“Walker has captured the absurd, tragic theater of resentment that has spun off post-colonial Africa in a way that will remain singular to my way of thinking. Uniquely, potently appropriate. Funny. Devastatingly funny. Add a star if you’re an African or grew up in the U.K.”


If you know nothing about Rhodesia, then this is an excellent place to start.

Mybook.to/Changamire     <— click here to buy!




The Young Dictator

By Rhys Hughes


What’s it about?

Rhys Hughes, Welsh word wrangler, presents an absurd faux children’s story about Jenny Khan, a young girl who, with the aid of her scheming gran, rises to the greatest office in the land. It is a reality-twisting tale of innocence and nefarious plot-making.

Why should I buy it?

If you are unhappy with the humour section in your library and dream of feasting on Milligan-esque wit and wordplay then here is your remedy.


This book is bizarre and, much like peanut butter and jelly, needs to be tasted to be believed.

Mybook.to/YoungDictator   <— click here to buy!




Rum Humour/Rum Humor

By Thaddeus Lovecraft


What’s it about?

A set of absurdly funny short stories covering such important topics as sex with bees and wartime Gazebo-based rom-com, this is a book which sets out to make you laugh in short bursts like a mirth machine gun.

Why should I buy it?

This book will make train journeys seem shorter and render visits to the toilet infinitely more enjoyable. Influences of Woody Allen and Douglas Adams flavour the text, adding to Lovecraft’s uniquely disturbed world-view.


If this book does not make you laugh then you may already be dead – hence it is an excellent addition to every first-aid kit.

Mybook.to/RumHumour   <— click here to buy!




KIDSQUIZ - mark lloydThe Ready-Made Quiz and The Ready-Made Kids Quiz

By Mark Lloyd


What’s it about?

These two books are crammed full of trivial entertainment for quiz-lovers. They are organised into rounds of 10 general knowledge questions. They are designed to be read by those who love quizzes and used by those who set quizzes.

Why should I buy it?

Challenging for you and your family but not up in the genius register, so making it accessible to thickies such as you and I.


Do you want your children to succeed?


Mybook.to/Rmkq            <— click here to buy The Ready-Made Kids Quiz

Mybook.to/Rmq              <— click here to buy The Ready-Made Quiz

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Pinhead Duffy is coming back


Pinhead Duffy, by Helena Close, is coming back for a 10th anniversary edition. Watch this space. More importantly, make sure you aren’t doing anything special on Sunday, September 14th.

In what promised to be the Summer of Summers, Sean ‘Nod’ Hickey and his friends Dodge, Eyebrows and Pinhead Duffy begin their adventures with the levity that every 1970s child remembers. Soon, though, the tensions of adolescent confusion, dysfunctional families and the deepest of tragedies – untimely death – tug at these boyish relationships, dragging them into the real world, the world of growing-up.

“Holden Caulfield comes to Limerick and makes himself at home.” – Mary Coll (Broadcaster and Critic)
“…a tender yet hilarious narrative.” – Irish Examiner

If you are either Irish or you remember the 70s, then you will love this.

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Happy Birthday, Pillar!

all the books

Pillar International Publishing

is two years old!

19th June 2014

It is with ferocious pride and a tear in either eye that I blow out the candles on Pillar’s birthday scone. Two years! Two years? Two years!
It has been a time of growth, of learning how we fit into this new world of publishing. We are still learning and still growing and I hope that we can count on your friendship and support for many years to come.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, all of our eBooks have been reduced to €2.99, £2.99 or $2.99, depending on from whence you hail. (VAT may also be added to this)

Just click on the links below and you will be magically transported to those nice people at Amazon.

Fiction & Humour
Last Orders at the Changamire Arms by Robin Walker
The Young Dictator by Rhys Hughes
Rum Humour/ Rum Humor by Thaddeus Lovecraft
Lovecraft’s Masters of Humorous Prose by Thaddeus Lovecraft

Poetry & Prose
Siege by Tim Cunningham
I live in Michael Hartnett by James Lawlor
Heartscald by Alphie McCourt
Revival Journals by The Limerick Writers’ Centre

Entertainment & Diversions
The Ready-Made Kids Quiz by Mark Lloyd
The Ready-Made Quiz Book by Mark Lloyd

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Sneaky Peek for Towel Day

sneakpeekEbookBecause today we have now reached, and in many ways exceeded, Towel Day 2014, Pillar International Publishing present, for your delectation and edification, a free sample of our upcoming DNA-inspired absurd comedy – The Unbearable Sheitness of Being by Thaddeus Lovecraft and Nick Faulder.

The full version of the book will be available soon.


You can download it for free using the below links. It is available as in ePub, Mobi(Kindle) and PDF format.


Download PDF Tusob247 downloads
Download ePub Tusob119 downloads


We’d love to hear your feedback – contact info@indiepillar.com!

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Towel Day is coming! Towel Day is coming!

Towel Day Rehearsals

Towel Day Rehearsals

Towel Day, May 25th, when we remember and celebrate the genius that was Douglas Adams, is nearly upon us.

To mark this day we are releasing a SNEAK PEEK of our upcoming absurd comedy ‘The Unbearable Sheitness of Being’ by Thaddeus Lovecraft and Nick Faulder.

From the 25th of May it will be available as a  free download from this site in Epub, Mobi and PDF format.



Enjoy with our compliments and please, at all costs, DON’T PANIC! (The full version will be available soon.)

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Questionable Kids

KIDSQUIZ - mark lloyd

The Ready-Made Kids Quiz by Mark Lloyd

Are you an Aunt/Uncle/Godfather/Godmother/Granny/Grandad/Brother/Sister/Cousin /Neighbour/Well-meaning Teacher/Nurse/Nanny/Father or Mother to a child aged 8-13?

The perfect gift for the clever and fun children in your life.

Relieve the boredom of long summer car journeys. And when you get to your destination, pass the rainy evenings with these fun quizzes.


UK & Ireland Paperback - eBook

US and others - Paperback - eBook


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