2014 – The year you became ultra-famous.

star campaign

Pillar International Publishing are giving you the opportunity to improve your social standing by having your name feature as a character in an upcoming publication. Yes! A character in a book will be named after you!




In order to attain this greatness, all you have to do is answer the following question:

What is the name of the Pillar writer who is bringing out ‘The Flesh-eating Diplomat from Outer Space’ in time for Christmas 2014, with all of the royalties going to charity? (I’m not saying the answer is Marvel Gumshoe, but I’m definitely saying it isn’t not.)

Send your answer and your name to : Rhodesia@indiepillar.com,

Our NASA random number tombola will pick out the winner, whose name will then go on to feature in a secret hush-hush book that will be out for Christmas 2014. Competition ends 28/02/2014.

One comment

  1. Michael McGrath

    Marvel Gumshoe!

    My finger is on the pulse.